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Safety First


Any prudent business will wish to satisfy itself that it is not taking any untoward risk in joining a mutual and paying annual contributions. There is a custodian appointed by the members to act in the best interest of the members. We protect our members’ contributions in a number of ways. First, each member has their own protected cell.
This means that liabilities of other members cannot affect the funds in the member’s cell.


Secondly, funds in a protected cell are subject to an agreed signatory requirement. Funds can only be moved out of the cell with signatures of relevant and previously agreed upon parties, such as directors of the mutual, the custodian and the member.


Thirdly, the investment policy of a cell will be discussed with the member in order to satisfy the member that sufficient caution is being exercised.



covering your business risks easy

We believe that by offering simpler protection and financing solutions through more efficient distribution channels, we can help SMEs survive and thrive. Our solutions couldn’t be simpler to purchase: one click, no paperwork, no hassle.
With MPI you can arrange business risk cover in minutes by buying your policy online. No confusing forms and minimal jargon! Dealing with MPI is straightforward and seamless.


Contribution Levels

Contributions are subject to annual risk assessment based upon the size of the member company, turnover and the sector the business is in. Mutually Protected is a premium value friendly society for SME business, as such meter contributions have a minimum level above £50,000 PA

Making A Claim

We deal with everything direct: no faceless third parties. All claims are handled by
our in-house team personally with a single point of contact.

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