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Credit Risk

Credit risk protects your business from non-payment of commercial debt. It makes sure that your invoices will be paid and allows you to reliably manage the commercial and political risks of trade, resulting in safer and more strategic accounts receivable management.

Figures show that nearly 30% of business insolvencies in the UK in 2018 were caused by the late or non-payment of an invoice. That’s nearly 5,000 that no longer exist, simply because they didn’t get paid.

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Insure your invoices. Protect your business against bad debt and make sure your company gets paid, and protect against default and insolvency.


Sadly every year across Europe, thousands of companies are driven into insolvency because of late or non-payment of invoices. This represents a massive cost to society in job losses and financial distress; yet insurance solutions exist to almost completely mitigate this issue. The problem is that the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who could most benefit from these solutions cannot access them.


A survey from BusinessAdvice.co.uk indicates that late payments or unpaid invoices don’t just do damage to the financial health of a company. They are also frequently cited as having a detrimental effect on business owners’ wellbeing: 52% attribute panic attacks, anxiety and depression to poor cash flow.


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Yet, this plague could have been avoided. A solution already exists against the problem of unpaid invoices: credit risk protection. By insuring their invoices, businesses are able to recoup what they’re owed even if the customer doesn’t pay or goes out of business.


We know cash flow can keep you up at night. Late payment of invoices is one of the leading causes of small business failure across Europe.


Although the insurance industry has developed some products to address this problem, these solutions are cumbersome and economically unavailable to small and medium sized businesses. Not anymore, thanks to MPI.


Our ambition is to bring you peace of mind and give you visibility over your cash. With Credit Risk Protection, you now have a simple solution against the risk of non-payment.


covering your business risks easy

We believe that by offering simpler protection and financing solutions through more efficient distribution channels, we can help SMEs survive and thrive. Our solutions couldn’t be simpler to purchase: one click, no paperwork, no hassle.
With MPI you can arrange business risk cover in minutes by buying your policy online. No confusing forms and minimal jargon! Dealing with MPI is straightforward and seamless.


Contribution Levels

Contributions are subject to annual risk assessment based upon the size of the member company, turnover and the sector the business is in. Mutually Protected is a premium value friendly society for SME business, as such meter contributions have a minimum level above £50,000 PA

Making A Claim

We deal with everything direct: no faceless third parties. All claims are handled by
our in-house team personally with a single point of contact.

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